Rogers Stereo

Window Tinting

Block harmful UV rays and uncomfortable solar heat with tinted windows! Automotive window film is the investment that improves your driving experience and your vehicle’s value! Rogers Stereo provides the comfort, style and solar protection that keep you driving cooler and looking great in your car. Like sunscreen for your automobile, Rogers Stereo’s window tinting can reject up to 99% of all ultraviolet rays, to shield from premature leather, vinyl and fabric discoloration and fading to protect your investment. Window tinting shields both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. (According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there is a direct link between more time spent driving a car and a higher incidence of left-handed skin cancers.) Our films come in a wide variety of colors and tints to compliment any car or truck exterior. The darker you go, the more privacy you will have but make sure you check your local tinting laws and adhere to them.

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