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Whether you’re trekking to Grandma’s for turkey day, or hitting the road to spend Christmas with your mom back home in Alabama, chances are a road trip is in your future. Logging long miles in the car can be exhausting for everyone, or it can be a wonderful time to focus on family and build the cross-country memories that you don’t get to make zooming overhead in an airplane.

We here at Rogers Stereo have compiled the ultimate list of Road Trip tips to minimize the stress and maximize the fun on your next cross-country adventure:


1. Double check your glove box and make sure that your insurance card and registration is up-to-date. Don’t be caught unaware with your expired forms.

flat tire

2. Make sure your roadside assistance is up to date, and you have their number on hand. Also, be sure to keep a basic kit of essential tools, flares, water, fire extinguisher etc., just in case the worst happens.


3. Keep an actual paper list of contacts in your glove compartment so that if something happens to your phone (it breaks, runs out of battery or is stolen) you can stay in touch. 


4. Carry cash for tolls. I got swept into a wave of traffic through Chicago once after missing my road. I hit approximately 20 dollars worth of tolls that day. Thank God I had cash on hand or else that would have been a painful wave of fines. 

pack a trunk

5. Pack light, so there’s room to collect. You’re gonna need that bushel of apples from that fresh roadside stand, and that genuine Navajo blanket, and the Civil War musket replica…


6. Make an old school mix- Take the time to plan some great road trip songs, and a few months down the line when you’re in the grocery store and one of those songs comes on, so will your memories of an awesome vacation. 

road trip 2

7. Take pictures and print them out- Make a photo album and sock it away for your kids so they can pull out the memory of being crammed in Mom and Dad’s backseat back in the good old days. 


8. Bring an audiobook or some Old Time Radio Shows (a personal favorite of mine is Suspense) to kill the hours on the road. 


9. Be patient and drive slow. We all want to make good time, but remember the old adage “slow and steady wins the race.” Your safety (and sanity) should be your biggest priority. 


10. Remember to check out your full selection of Sanity Savers here at Rogers Stereo. From car stereo, to navigation, to entertainment systems (we have a few awesome deals on DVD players this month, check it out here), to radar detection and multi-function jump starters, we have IT ALL for your road trip. Two days after Thanksgiving I was stuck in a 14 hour stop-and-go traffic jam, I can’t tell you what peace of mind I had knowing I was fully equipped to be on the road that long AND that my kids would be entertained. Make sure before you venture out this holiday season that you pay us a visit and stock up on what you need.