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Our Services

Let our team of professional technicians take the hassle out of installing your new car stereo. We provide efficient and reliable installation and setup services to ensure that your car stereo is installed correctly and securely. Leave the setup to the experts and enjoy your new car stereo with peace of mind.

Our Device Integration service makes it easier than ever to get the most out of your car. Have our team of professionals seamlessly integrate all of your car's devices, no matter what they are, and enjoy an improved driving experience. From Bluetooth to GPS, our technicians will make sure your car is up to date with the latest technology.

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With years of experience in the auto industry, we guarantee the highest quality results for your tint and upholstery needs. Our team of professionals have the skills to tint your windows, as well as design and install custom upholstery. We will make sure your car looks sleek and stylish for years to come.

At Rogers Stereo, we offer a wide variety of Automotive Lighting services, from interior ambient lighting, to under-glow lighting, to wheel ring lighting. We have the perfect product for you, and our experienced technicians will ensure a perfect installation.

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